Keeping the Sims Happy in the Sims City

The mayor is the head of the city that he builds. He has to plan everything and keep the entire city running in perfect order. Building houses, roads, providing services, providing specializations, providing jobs, taking care of trade, both internal and external are all some of the duties that he has to perform well. Unless the mayor takes care of the city well, the Sims citizens will not be satisfied. The citizens show their satisfaction by having a chirpy face that smile widely when they are happy. They show their unhappiness with a sad face and when they are displeased they just move out of the city. The tax paid by the Sims is the main revenue for the mayor. If the citizens move out of the city, the tax income decreases and the revenue decrease too. Hence, the mayor has to take care of the city and the citizens as well. The Sims citizens are mainly affected by two factors, which are happiness and money.


 When the Sims citizens are provided with all types of facilities they show their happiness. The facilities are basic services such as proper water facilities, power for running the factories, their houses and their gadgets, peaceful neighborhood, spending leisure time at parks and in other entertainments. When they have to go out to work, they require proper transport facilities. They also like it when they have good connecting transport to various places like schools, hospitals, etc. Having good shops that are accessible and have all the goods required help to keep the citizens happy. This increases the content of the citizens and they are willing to pay more as tax happily.

The Sims citizens require good income when they live in the city. Having good income is possible only when there are proper jobs and proper work. Proper jobs and work can be provided only if the mayor makes proper use of his factories and farms and keep them running without stop. These provide good jobs and good income.

When the residents do not have proper water connections, when there is irregular supply of power and when the crime rate increases, the citizens show their displeasure. Traffic jams when the citizens go to work disrupt the citizens’ routine life when they go to their work spot and make them unhappy. Disasters like earthquake and storms also make them unhappy as their houses get destroyed. They show their displeasure by gesticulating wildly and showing annoyed and sad faces. The Sims citizens are divided into high income and low income classes and the rich do not like to live in poor residential areas while the poor do not like to live in rich neighborhoods. Shopping is also preferred to be done within their class. The density of buildings denotes the happiness of the citizens which are high, medium and low densities. The happiness of the citizens helps in getting free resources and to improve the revenue of the city which is also freely available using game guiides.

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