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Maintaining Your Own Franchise In The 17th Season With NBA Live Mobile

Introducing the highly anticipated 17th season of NBA Live mobile, where players can keep the franchise in their own hands. This includes, competing to play and connecting with friends at no cost. The latest version comprises new stuff for fans. Post the off-season; EA sports have launched one of its most huge updates ever with some eye-catching additions and improvements that make the game more enlivened and alive than it was. You can now build your squad and dominate your rivals totally in an intense 5-on-5action. The game enables you to follow each live event throughout the season. The new version provides the scope of hogging the spotlight and builds your unit in one of the most beautifully competitive and genuine basketball fights on the globe.

The stellar additions

If you’re thinking about what’s new in store for you, the renowned developers of the game have updated various roasters along with the in-game UI reflecting its new season.

  • You have new jerseys, courts, updated logos and player cards reflecting each off-season move. It also entails rookie auditions along with a brand new rookie lineup show.
  • Regular goals are freshly added and there are fresh splash screens alongside the NBA live mobile icon,
  • You can find new languages for the first time ever in its history. With Russian and Turkish support as of now, the rest is about to follow suit.

Additions in game-play

You have scores of game-play enhancements and improvements, including huge community-centric features, new mechanics, late game additions and new tools in alley-oops and so on.

  • There are large-scale passing modifications with passing interceptions all getting fixed.
  • You can now quickly play or pass the ball around the main perimeter for building plays and pass to players cutting through the main lane and entering them into the main circle.
  • You also have turnovers while you drive. Players don’t lose the ball while bumping into rival players or going into the main loop. However, the AI can always take away the ball for you.
  • During drive blocking, the makers have reduced AI’s blocking attempt ratio on dunks and layups. It enhances driving till the main loop.

More on the enhancements

The alley-oop techs are very noteworthy in this regard. This feature has been a noted and huge community request, and you can now swipe from the main drive mode to give pass for playing another pass or alley-oop move. read more for full review on

  • There’s no need of down driving and you do with a quick swipe.
  • Your result depends on the coordinated passing rating of those players maneuvering the pass alongside the dunk rating on that player who performs the catch with dunk
  • You shouldn’t throw alley-ops at large centers because that won’t give you much success.

The exclusive new ones

The shot feedback is the latest addition to grab eyeballs. The game’s modality showcases the reason behind a missed shot and is dependent on various factors. These are low attribute, bad timing, guarded move, off-balance, range and bad angle determining the success of a shot. The nba live mobile hack apk is there to be used for obtaining free cash and coins.